VLS Consulting and Project Managers is a duly registered company under the auspices of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission in 2011. Its registration number is 2011/114889/07.

The Firm address of registered office is: A451 Impala Road Marrivale 3309 while the Post Address is: 11 Goodwill Road, Manors, 3610.
The name VLS was derived from its founders namely Victor, Lloyd and Sandile, the last two of which have moved over to build their own separate firms leaving Victor in the main who later joined by Tlou Moloto as a shareholder bringing vast experience in business administration specifically in business systems. When the three graduated they all struggled to secure an internship position as a Native for want of such opportunities. After many attempts and failed struggles, finally got one. He then had a seed planted in him that he was going to create a firm that would, besides providing services in his areas of training but would be open to help young people find such opportunity.

VLS has seen many days of struggle and job but a very exciting journey that is standing in a stream with both opportunity and threat. The Global Financial Crisis has left many companies struggling and some even folding, yet also created opportunity for others. VLS moulds its opportunity from the threats that our customers face especially the challenge to have their buildings and properties installed with electrical systems.

VLS Consultants & Project Managers has a team of seasoned experts with experience in building and construction works. Electrical installations of a high quality standard meeting international requirements, project managing such works as well as civil & construction woks are our core business.
This corporate profile presents our strategic foundation, products & services, and contract details for anyone dealing with VLS Consultants & Project Managers to see what is on the offing to them.