Fast Wireless Internet Solutions for Home and Business.

The internet is fast becoming a vital part of our daily lives. Whether you’re using the internet for entertainment, work, school or socialising, you’ll probably find you’re online much more than you realise.

A wifi internet solution is becoming an essential part of the modern home and business. Fast. Reliable. Affordable. Experience internet the way it was meant to be experienced. VLS Consulting specialises in the Installation, support and management of public and private wireless internet solutions to meet the needs of your home or business. We offer a range of customizable and affordable packages to keep you connected and secure.

How we Succeed

Technology is constantly changing and at a rapid rate, at VLS Consulting we pride ourselves on our reactiveness. We respond quickly to changes in the technological sector allowing us to deliver you the latest, most advanced products and services.

VLS Consulting is your answer to your WiFi network strategies. Providing WiFi services to all businesses; from corporations to restaurants. NGO’s, rural communities and schools. Industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors. We strategise with architects and building services to deliver integrated WiFi in the planning stages too.

Area assessments: How do we assess our locations?

Should you request WIFI in Africa, we will conduct an assessment of your area on google maps followed by an on the ground professional site survey to ensure that we can offer you the best WiFi networking solution for your location, business or premises. Not only that, our surveys come at no charge.