About VLS Landscapes

Tlou, Owner of VLS Landscapes, garden services and Invasive Species was inspired and still inspired by her mum who owns a home at Flora one of SA beautiful village with a massive yard, she keeps her yard impeccable clean and ever green in all seasons.

Seeing her mum every day and every season keeping their home immaculate especially garden and lawn she fell in love with nature and birds singing and playing on a beautiful green yard. The love of landscape grew to a point of wishing to express it every day at every yard she comes across.

Uniqueness of VLS

Landscaping project can bring inconvenience to home and business owners which are in this regard that VLS customer service centred that go an extra mile in minimizing the mess and pain that with this kind of project. The team always strive to deliver the expected result and all team members are vetted through a very stringent process to avoid house brake in’s during and after landscape projects and that is VLS owners main focus.

VLS is headed by a team of professionals and always strive to be up to date with relevant registrations in line with landscape body of profession and affiliation which is why it pride itself by high level of professionalism from the head to each and every member.

Services include but not limited to Design, Gardening, Survey and measuring, Concrete & brick laying, Paving and Water feature design.

Our experience has given VLS the edge in delivering quality work to our clients at all times. We always provide experienced and qualified personnel to handle projects.

Moving your home to market related profile.

VLS specialises in transforming your home garden to match the exterior elements and landscape. We get involve from start to finish revitalising the client’s dream. VLS in-depth expertise in landscape covers different themes and garden types in all areas be it low maintenance, eco-friendly with a mind of evolving garden latest trends.

Our site

We are currently based in KZN but aiming to have footprints nationally. We aim to work with client offering range of landscape services to cater for any budget. Landscaping include entertainment areas, pools and ponds, decking, paving, lighting, irrigation and indoor gardens. We also provide services on temporary landscapes for events and garden services.